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ok so my banshee is workin like crap, its having trouble getting up to rpm but when it does everything sounds good and snappy. but im smoking out of my right pipe and my right stinger only gets a little warm (i can grab it and hold it with my hand) where my left is nice aand hot. never did a compression test on it yet but im assuming thats the problem. im just wondering what the deal on the crank seal is i see people talking about. hope thats not my problem.

fresh plugs and lots of fire


stock banshee but toomey t5s, stock pilot, 280 main, air fuel screw 1.5 turns out, no air box cover, uni filter

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I hade to change my pilot from 25( stock) to 27.5 and then it ran great also another banshee that I work on had the same hot pipe problem only one side hot try taken the not hot side carb off and clean it really well when u take it off u can compare it to the hot side carb chances are one of the jets are dirty or ur slide is not lifting even but start there

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