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What domes to use here in Tejas.

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Ok, I'm new here and I know I could probably find this out myself if I looked here long enough. I bought an 03 last year with the pistons shot.  I honed it out and got all the metal out I found without splitting the cases, put some 65.5 vertex pistons in it and ran it for about 20 hours and it went quick again. Since then I got in a bad work accident, been on a bunch of meds, and had my computer stolen that had all the mods saved on it.  Here's what I can remember he said was done to the motor:


Vito's long rod (115 mm) 4 mm stroker crank

.060 cylinder bore (65.5 mm pistons)

Pro circuit pipes (don't know exact model)

KEIHIN carbs (jetting unknown now)

Cool-head with 22 cc domes (I think)


I have since found out that the cylinders are ACTUALLY 80 over, so 66.00 mm. (My fault for not finding this stuff out for sure myself)... Also found out I need Wiseco 795's for the long rods. That kit just came in along with an upper and lower end gasket kit. I have the motor completely apart and split this time so I can get any and ALL shavings out. I pretty much have everything under control except for these questions:


-Will the dome I've pictured, and haven't cleaned yet, work fine if I buff it out some?

-If not, what domes should I run at about 600 ft elevation, 95-104 0ctane?

-What jetting should I start with in the carbs?


**Keep in mind that I am trying to get a hold of some banshee port templates to do some minimal porting myself just out of curiosity.. I have a few extra cylinders on hand, and have time to wait for some of my injuries to heal.


Thanks Banshee peepspost-45623-0-57672800-1366482229_thumb.jpg


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