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fuel overflow


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So i took off my carbs and did some cleaning. once i put everything back together, I wanted to start the banshee. But once I opened the fuel valve under the tank, the right carb overflow hose had a stream of fuel coming out of it! the banshee does not start and the only way to stop the fuel from flowing is to turn off the valve.


Any ideas?

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anyone know what float height is supposed to be at?


Measure the distance from the float bowl gasket surface WITHOUT THE GASKET to the top of the float itself. This measurement should be 21mm exactly on both floats. If you get some other reading just bend or tweak the float arms until you get this setting. Just don't bend them sideways so that they may interfere with the float bowl itself. Check for clearance when you are finished. When you are satisfied they are perfect, replace the float bowl gasket and float bowl.

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