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how fast does a stock banshee go?

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I'd say that the factory top speed is closer to low 70's when completely stock. As far as beating a 450 in a race, I don't see that happening with a stocker. In terms of the Honda's, the 04/05 are a little weaker compared to the later models (06 up). I haven't had much experience racing many Yamaha's, but I have heard that the earlier models aren't as potent as the later ones as well. Put some aftermarket exhaust on it, different head, light porting, and advance the timing and that should help out with acceleration. Everything else such as more porting and better carbs should have you pulling away from the majority of the 450's. If you are merely after top speed, just change the sprockets.

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Speed doesn't mean shit, you can gear a blaster to go faster than a banshee or a yfz450. It is how fast you get there that counts.





But to answer the OP question, back in 1998 when my first Banshee was stock, there happened to be one of those cop radars on the side of the road by my house... my Banshee would only go 68-69mph.

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