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Selling my parts and upgrading!

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Alright about to start a 4mm project, so im selling my stock crank and pistons, my full FMF fatty exhaust system with PC2 silencers, stock head, and some 28mm Keihen carbs that come with everything including throttle cable.


Stock Crank - 140 shipped

Stock Weisco Pistons - 120 shipped or I will sell crank and pistons together for 220 shipped

FMF Fatty system and silencers - 165 shipped (only problems is chrome rub from pants polished out?)

28mm Keihen carbs w/ billet intake and stock reeds and reed spacers and uni pods - 170 shipped

Also selling some brand new Raptor 350 maier carbon fiber plastics if you know anybody - 250 shipped


All prices are negotiable of course lemme know your offers, would be willing to take extended swing arms, +4mm crank and some other items also as trades. As well as i can add my own money plus a trade for things too like inframe drag pipes.

Text at 269-941-3886 or call and leave a message









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