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well this guy still has not got me my fuel pump and as far as i know he has not made his other deals right so if he is not kicked off here already he needs to be! this makes me not want to deal with any one but the ones that i already know or is well known and that sucks that it has to be like that! i really hope this guy does not get to do this to anyone again! thanks for everyones help with this one!

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shit and this guy was talking about coming to check my quad out in person and drive it haha, he never wrote back cause he got banned before he could say anything hopefully hes got some cash in his hand if wants a test ride


this dude is a fucking clown. its the second time ive banned him. hes not buying shit and definitely doesnt have any cash in hand.

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how can you call it banned when you are able to come back? :confused:


because i cant ban every IP address. if he goes to another place with computers he can sign back up. i cant stop that. i did ban his current IP, email address and screen name.


its not my fault these people deal with these clowns with 3 posts. i tell people not to, but they always do it anyway and then they get fucked. BHQ is not even responsible for this shit but i help these guys anyway.

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