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Found 8 results

  1. I am ordering a driveline 392 assassin cylinder kit and I’m having to make a decision on what to do with my reeds. I have a set of Vforce 3 reeds and the petals have seen better days. They still “work” but I’m starting to see gaps at the sealing surface and one petal is starting to flake at the corner. Flipping them won’t close the gaps. So my options at the moment are either: 1: Buy replacement petals for $100-120 from what I’ve seen online (they sell them at $50-59 per cage) 2: Sell the VF3’s for around the same price and get VF4’s 3: Sell the VF3’s and get the chariot cages with Boyeson reeds Chariot advertises that they have a flow advantage over vforce reeds with stock stroke mildly built engines and vforce apparently has the edge with stroker engines. Not sure how much of this is true, I do know that vforce petals last a very long time and I have no experience with the boyeson reeds. The chariot cages come with stage 2 boyeson petals and not their carbon fiber. What do you guys suggest I do?
  2. Up for sale are my gently used Chariot Billet Intakes and Chariot Billet Reed Cages. I want to sell these as a kit, so please don't ask. I installed these with Chariot Billet Intakes, Chariot Billet Reed Cages and a Chariot Billet Timing Plate set to +4* timing advance. With these mods I could pull 6th gear with 20" Sand Skate II 8 paddles in Pismo with stock 14/41 gearing. Before these mods I couldn't shift into 6th at all. Chariot is selling the internal cross-over billet intake for $147 shipped. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chariot-Banshee-Billet-Intakes-26-30-carb-Crossover-VForce-2-3-4-/252361540262?hash=item3ac1eb82a6:m:mloFOmdYxyNX428-ou9Ijvg&vxp=mtr Chariot is selling the billet reed cages with Boyesen 2 Stage Reeds for $170 shipped. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chariot-Banshee-Billet-Reed-Cages-Better-THAN-V-Force-/281679155262?hash=item419562d03e:m:mQiUSx_OuClf0SVTwBdmZ5w&vxp=mtr I'll let these go for $230 Paypal'd and I'll cover Paypal fees and shipping to the lower 48 states. I found the genuine Mikuni Boots on eBay for an Arctic Cat Snowmobile. Comes with everything you see here.
  3. Clearing out some quads and a lot of projects and parts that were meant for such projects. All parts are either brand new never used or in excellent shape (simply bolted up or less than 3 rides) unless stated otherwise. More will be added as I have time to take pics and post them. Prices are shipped unless stated otherwise and prices are for gifted payment, PayPal fees will need to be covered by the buyer. PayPal is BlakeRms288@yahoo.com Sniper Inframes w/ stainless packing and billet clamps - $795 new, asking $620.-Sold 40mm Billet Smart Carbs. $1,300 new. Asking $1,000 for the pair or $550 per. Comes with instruction manual and original box.-Sold Chariot Red Anodized Thumb Throttle opens up to 49mm. $135 new asking $100 with new MP cable or $50 if bought with carbs. -Sold Chariot 36-40mm Intake. Asking $110 or $60 if bought with carbs. Chariot 32-36mm Intake. Asking $100. Bottom of photo is the 32-36mm, top is 36-40mm. Chariot Ultra High Flow Impeller Kit. New $160 asking $120. -Sold New still in sealed plastic packaging. V-Force 3 Reeds. Asking $100. -Sold New Reeds. ProDesign 21cc Domes New in Package. Asking $50. ProDesign Cool Head W/ like new 21cc domes. Asking $150. O-Rings appear to be good and would work in a pinch but obviously you should install with new and maybe keep these for back up/emergency use. PD Cool head w/ no domes or o rings. Asking 100. Sold Fuel Injection Components. Spent over $1000 for these components. Asking $900 for the bundle. I collaborated with Whitbread on these components. Used and new parts are noted. LTR450 throttle and cable(USED), 2 - ls2 truck coils and pigtails(NEW), NEW From DIYAutoTune - "GM Closed Element CLT / IAT Sensor with Connector" & "Engine Management System w/ 30" wiring harness" , cannondale 440 fuel pump(NEW), gm flex fuel sensor (NEW) for e85/meth on the fly capability, Innovate LC1 wideband module and sensor (USED), 03-04 R6 throttle bodies(38mm USED), Pingle fuel valve(USED). What you will need to complete this project. Modify the R6 throttle bodies from 4 to 2, Make an intake adaptor to bolt the intake boots, have the flywheel fitted with a trigger wheel, 200w stator with DC conversion and small battery. Then patience and education. http://www.msextra.com/manuals/ms2manuals/ That's all for now. I'll add more over the next few days. If you have any questions or would like more, specific pictures of something let me know. Thanks for looking, Blake
  4. Price is shipped inside the U.S. Polished Chariot Billet Bowls • for keihin carbs $125 shipped
  5. Hey guys, I am about to buy this 2 into 1 kit from chariot for $200 comes with everything not a carb. Has anyone used this 2 into 1 kit before? If you did how was it? Also I have a 4 mil banshee with fmf fatty's, powercore 2's, vforces, and a cool head with 19cc domes pump gas. What carburetor do you think I should run with this set up? I think a 39 pwk would be good but what do I know right. Reply's are greatly appreciated.
  6. Used Chariot Performance Billet Intakes with NEW 34 to 36 carbs boots. Intakes come in powder coating gloss black and the croosover plate come in powder coating translucent blue. The black in excellent condition, blue have some little imperfections, barely visible with the intake installed. Also come with eight (8) titanium bolts in blue color. Internal o-rings included. Ready to install. $135.00 shipped via USPS.
  7. Used JDS Customs Banshee Engine Support Billet. Come in powder coating gloss black and with stainless steel hardware. JDS sold it with out powder coating and with out hardware. $150.00 shipped via USPS.
  8. I have a new chrome Chariot cooling head for sale. I bought this about a month ago from a member here then decided to go with a big bore for m new build and im told this wont fit. I'm pretty sure this is a new head that's never been used. Asking $175 shipped and ill pay 3% fees. This price is firm for now. Please allow up the next Saturday for shipping due to my work schedule. You get the cooling head, a set of orings and nuts(i wont split anything up). NO DOMES. Only trades i'm looking for is new chariot throttle, new cheap china radiator, new stator color with bearing support, like new after market(nothing with DG, flames, skull logos etc). Everything needs to be like new so i can get it powder coated for my new build. Post here if you want it before pm'ing me for paypal info. That's the order i will go in.
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