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Found 7 results

  1. I am rebuilding my motor and i have some small imperfections, for example I didnt use the locating pin for the shift drum, i don't have the bearing stopper plate that goes to the shaft behind the clutch, when i shift gears, the gap between the pins and the shift shaft changes whenever i switch gear. in first gear the gaps are equal but when i switch gear it usually gets more uneven. Also, does it really matter which way the washers and cerclips go on the mainshaft and countershaft? if they face inwards or outwards? This is my first engine build btw.
  2. i need help rebuilding my banshee i think i just need to rebuild the top end but im not sure how to tell if the crank needs replacing also one exuast was smoking more than the other when it was running let me know thanks also had some old cylinders that i barely used was wondering if i could make them good again
  3. This will be my first top end/build iv'e done. The parts I got new are 21cc domes in a Chariot head, 28mm PWK, port job (getting done) by Alan Cain, Chariot intake, Chariot cages, Pro Circuit pipes, 65mm Wisecos, K&N pods, and a honda throttle. I will start building and tuning soon, and was wanting some more pointers. I am doing a leakdown test, squish band test, and compression test, is there any other precautions I should take? Lane at Driveline bored and honed my cylinders, and measured ring end gap and cylinder wall clearance. I have a good amount of money into this and can't have it fail
  4. looking for a top end setup for sale Need pistons, cylinders, head. Want a ported stock stroke or 4mm ready setup. Will consider a less preformance setup for a good price. Will also buy crank! Stock or 4mm paypal ready and experience shipping needs sent to North Dakota
  5. Hey, got this set of cylinders off a bike I just bought. They look mint. The bike got seized and the one piston melted but somehow nothing happened to the cylinders
  6. Hey, got this top end that needs to go. This can be used with a stock stroke cranks or you could put some spacer plates (I do have some that are for 65.00mm bore) and run a 4 mil crank. Will sell stuff separate. This is what I have for sale. -Stock stroke or 4 mil top end 65.00mm bore, ported but don't know which one or by who feels like a dune port, no scratches, still can see cross hatches, one stud is missing, low hours. -Pro Design Cool Head with 22cc domes, the domes do have some slight pitting but still can be used, some of the o rings are missing but a o ring kit from F.A.S.T is like 20 bucks I highly recommend getting one. -Wiseco 795 series piston for 65.00 mm bore very low hours they do come with rings and clips but no bearings. -65.00 mm bore 4 mil stroker plates very little use just got some stroker domes so don't need these any more. Give me a offer and we will go from there. Pictures are here http://s1279.photobucket.com/user/StrokedOutShee/library/?view=recent&page=1 I don't know how to upload them here. Its not letting me. If you have any questions or want any more pictures you can pm me or text or call me at 7789807080. Need this shot gone need money for my new banshee. -Arjan Thanks.
  7. Finished a rebuild on a project 'shee, head was heli coiled pretty crudely, i time serted one stud insert out of necessity, passed on the other 9. 160lbs of compression upon assembly. 3 seconds of idle, opened the wick a few times and it backfires, blows my head studs out. The pro design head is salvageable i believe, but i need some cylinders. Or a whole top end kit. Stock bore right now, but if i could get big bore cylinders for the right price i can pick up a set of pistons. Would love a ported cylinder set with pistons to match. Could use plastics, could use stronger a arms. Have stock swingarm w/linkage if anyone needs it. also stock bore pistons i suppose if anybody needed them.
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