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  1. I need advice on what jets I should start out on for a brand new 421 cub and how big of a range of jets I should get to get it dialed in. It has 4mm hot rods crank, shearer in frames, noss machine head with 20cc domes, vforce4 reeds, 39 pwk carbs and I ride at sea level. The carbs came with 150 mains and 50 pilots. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. I'm in the process of gathering parts for a 421 cheetah cub build and was trying to figure out if a regular duel pingle valve would do or if I need their guzzler. I'll be running 39 pwk's with f.a.s.t billet bowls and I ride wide open dunes with up to 2 mile stretches. 

  3. My cousin got a good deal on a used CP cylinder but the seller wasn't sure if it was a serval or a cheetah cub. I just got a cheetah cub cylinder from F.A.S.T and he already had a serval but all three cylinder look the same to us side by side. Is there a way to tell them apart?

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