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  1. #dontoffendanyoneHQ

  2. We don't want you to leave no matter how much you cry to Tyler about being offended. This is too much fun.
  3. Your replies are so good. Have you ever thought about coming up with your own words instead of just copying exactly what I say and saying it back?
  4. I can tell you are sexually frustrated and running out of ideas for come backs.
  5. No dick on those babies! Sorry Dave, you will have to go somewhere else to find material to jack off to.
  6. So how does google get away with it?
  7. Prove what I posted was illegal. And that I illegally stole the pic from google. And that google is illegally hosting the pic. I don't think it's illegal at all. I think your sick, disturbed mind is in the gutter and you are ashamed of yourself for thinking about molesting every baby you see, so you are lashing out at 'normal' people to mask your insecurity.
  8. I can tell you really are new here.
  9. You really don't like Steve, do you?
  10. What we need more than tax breaks is a team of agents to comb the internet to make sure no naked baby photo is ever seen again.
  11. Photoshop-PG Only

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