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**OFFICIAL girls on Banshees thread**

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like the topic says. this is only for your girl, not some random shit pulled off the internet.. grow some balls, ask your wife or girl to pose and take a few pics. they can be clothed or not! ill start..









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HA I just realized it wasn't Juan but MRS! Sooooo rather than thanks bud, thanks dear lmao   Trail Bikes, FTW

Yes sir. Have been for 2.5 years. Reference the shroud graphics, And my user name.... Lol. That's my drz400 SuMo   Better shot of her-     Better shot of the bike-    

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i cant post a pic of my wife (i just married april 12th ) because shes at basic and ill be gone to iraq before she comes home soo im sorry...but ill atleast post a pic (this is her at the wedding with her lil sisters,i guess there our lil sisters now lol)but when i get back from the desert ill post one of her on the shee

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You need to quit holdin out Greg.. I know that little lady of yours is a head turner too.. Come on man, spread the love!!



bahah i posted a pict a LONG time ago of the misses...I have this one on my desk at work...



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Sorry guys im still working on getting her on the shee. Here are some from our cruise. Man she looks siick in a bathing suit!!! Those 34DDz are going to look great resting on my fullbores.











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