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Can’t be true cuz The CNN moving’ picture show didn’t tell me that. But biden picked a dandelion! I did see that.

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This whole thing has become a gong show. Now the news is talking about the NEW variant and how dangerous it is to non-vaccinated people, the only safety net is to GET VACCINATED. GET VACCINATED OR DIE. LOL, keep pushing your agenda.

Fuck off. If you're fat/old/underlying conditions sure, just like any other sickness, do your best to prevent yourself if you're a compromised class.

I'm also sick of people asking "ARE YOU VACCINATED?!?!?! OMG YOU'RE NOT VACCINATED?!?!?! OMG OMG YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!!". Also, fuck you. IDGAF if you're vaccinated, IDGAF if you get a flu shot either. Still to this day I see people driving their cars with masks on, or turning their backs to me while walking outside on a trail. This shows how well certain people did instilling fear. I was in the ER last 4th for stitches, the ER Dr. told me the '18/'19 flu was worse and this is a compromised person sickness. We quarantined healthy people and have created a class of people who don't want to work anymore because they get more on unemployment and stimulus money.

You have the main Dr. Faucci out there with emails saying masks don't help, this is a compromised person sickness, blah blah. The news sure isn't blowing that story up.

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