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yamaha banshee jetting issues again..

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i bought the banshee a while back and so far the rebuild went perfect but i cant seem to figure out what jetting at this point ive tried 290, 300, 310 ,320,340 and the one that came was 380 all of the high ones never let me hit powerband until i tried a random 156 jet that came with the jet and the bike ran smooth but 4 hours intotal spark plug ended up burnt im at a total loss ill list the parts it has rn but any help is good thanks for checking the post 

new carbs with no air/fuel screw never made them since i just got them 

2 full fmf pipes

vitos timing stator 

boost bottle 

tors removed

airbox removed completely  

running pod with no filter on it because i just ride on streets 

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8 minutes ago, locogato11283 said:

You need to get some legit carbs ASAP before you burn it down. 156 main would be a Keihin style carb jet size.

Most Keihin carbs I’ve run take 45-50 pilot and 155-165 main.

So it’s probably not too far off.

would jetting then work? cause i bought a legit jet kit for them and rn installed i have a 300 but never swapped out that that little pilot i think that might help if not i have no clue cause these carbs are exactly the same as the oems i can swap parts with both carbs and theyll still fit 

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3 hours ago, hoppedupandcutdown said:

Those are Mikuni (OEM) COPY carbs. At least use actual Mikuni jets...you should be around 280-300, not knowing your elevation.

I looked and Mikuni nor Keihin list a 156, so who knows what you jammed in there.

i am using those rn and those make the bike run awful ive tried 280, 290 and 300 all sound like its flooding and cant hit powerband 

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4 hours ago, hoppedupandcutdown said:

I know with an airbox FMFs like a 260 and they recommend a 30 pilot, I for sure wouldn't go any smaller on the main than that....Honestly the 280 should good. What's your elevation?


thats the evalation and im not running a airbox so idk what i can get in jetting 

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Is the float level set up right?
All the seals are good, including the one on the choke, choke tube in the right place?
I would inspect it visually very VERY closely and compare it with genuine oem ones you took off,also check the slides are in the right carb.
YOU have to pay attention to the smallest detail, get the calliper out and carefully measure everything because with those cheep nasty knock off's you might get pair of good ones or trash.
You never know.

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