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795 series pistons on stock rod?

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Might be a dumb question but I’m pretty sure I have a stock stroke stock rod length crank but I have a set of slightly used 795 series wiseco pistons that are 65.50 bore and I have a set of oem cylinders on a stock 64mm bore im pretty sure but they are kind of rusted up. I got a brand new stock bore wiseco top end kit for it but didn’t know if just a hone job would suffice for the new stock bore top end without having to over bore so I didn’t know if I could use these other bigger pistons that are for a long rod I believe if a boring is needed. Sorry if it’s been answered before but I’m new here so just trying to figure out. Taking my cylinders and whichever pistons to the machine shop in the morning. TIA

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Cant use them. If you're cylinders are pretty rusted. See what it takes to clean them up, then have the shop order or you order the correct size.

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