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Anodized Ring on beadlock wheels

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I recently put my gold rims back on the Shee because I like the look. I was thinking about upgrading to beadlock so here lies my question. Has anyone anodized the wheel or ring of any of the beadlock wheels out there? I was considering anodizing the wheel with a black ring or anodizing the ring with a black wheel. Any wear considerations or thoughts? Thanks

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Are you anodizing because you want a black and gold combo?

Like anything anodizing will scratch and wear off over time if the wheels are getting knocked.

Paying for the removal of the factory finish, polishing and and anodizing will probably equal the cost of a set of hipers?

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I would put the money towards a better wheel set instead of powder coating if it was mine, but it’s your bike, probably depends on how hard your going to beat on the rims too





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