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New build 7 mil on a stock cylinder compression

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I’ve just bought a 05 shee a few months back and decide to do a restore and to get me more power..now I’ve have every thing back together and motor in I did a compression test. My setup is new stock cylinders & bore on a 7 mil with 22 cc domes. Planing to run 110 octane.. I bought a otc compression tester and Tested both cylinders witch they made 120.. I did my Squelch test and they were both Consistent with a .50 and .53.. is it a faulty reading with my tester? I’ve read where the long hoses can give you miss reading. This is my first 2stroke build so I’m a little wet still, so some input would be sweeet.

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On 1/11/2009 at 1:10 PM, BklynLOD said:



I have the same setup, 22cc domes, +4 timing and cant get why I'm running 165 - 170 compression. Tested it with like 5 different compression testers and got between 165 and 170 between all of them. I have to run race gas. The weird thing is I ran 93 on it before I realized my compression was so hi and didn't blow the engine. While testeing we remove spark plug. Open the throttle wide opne and kick about 15 times.

I live in Florida and they are after market.. bought from Kevin Herr 

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