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Powder Coating Vs Sandblasting

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Hey Guys, 

    I'm starting my banshee build. I recently purchased a frame, and the entire front end and rear end. I want to do some powder coating and sandblasting to some of these parts, visually and cosmetically they're in bad shape. I want to start with the front end, heres my idea for the front end components. Please give me feedback. 

             Front End

                   Wheel Hub- Powder coated to OEM silver (Inner bearings will be removed along with brake rotor) 

                   Tie Rod- Powder coated to OEM silver. (Tie Rod ends will be removed). 

                   A- Arms- Sandblasted (NO powder coating)

                   Brake Calipers- Sandblasted (Piston will be pushed back, brake pads taken out, brake line taken out) 


Two Questions: I really want to get the brake calipers powder coated. However.....

                                  Do I have to get the piston out if I'm doing sandblasting? 

                                  If I just do sandblasting, would I still have to get the piston out? 


Lastly, for the A arms I was told that they can't be powder coated because the oven will melt the ball joint at the corner which makes sense, so would sandblasting be the best bet for those? Please let me know. Thank you. 


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Honestly, i would trash the stock a-arms and buy a set of aftermarket. Look at a set of Alba's.

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you ever seen a nice looking banshee in stock silver? No you haven't. Pick a color, trick it out a little. I sure as hell wouldn't PAY someone to make it look stock lol.

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