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Exhaust recommendations pls

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I currently run procurcuits. I have heard snipers were the way to go a few years ago Over shears. Now I can’t seem to find them does anyone know why. I see CPI or SLP are they equivalent . Any input. Frill be helpful 

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9 hours ago, gusto said:

What size is tour engine? Hard to beat PCs if you have a smaller engine. 

I have a stock cylinder aggressive trail dune port. 18cc domes /I think compression is 180 /33mm carbs with pods / vf3 

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GRR is Grand River Racing or Rocket pipes.

Pro Circuits are awesome mod range pipes that make good power.

If you want more top end try CPI (good everywhere) or Shearer (the most rev)

If you want more bottom end with huge torque get SLP

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pretty much what everyone said.  Pipes are like anything with a banshee, depends on your riding,  SLP have a ton of bottom to mid.  i had to take a ton of gear out and it pulls hard. 

CPI or Shearer are great for dune or drag racing, minimal bottom end, but lots of top. 

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