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Just remember to purge the carbs if you’re running oxygenated race fuels. It can turn to jelly in the carbs if left to long. 

Pump gas or Methanol. No need for anything else.

Not to be confused with ringing it’s neck 24/7....

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Depends.  Pick a fuel and jet for it.  E85 takes bigger jets than E10.  Methanol takes bigger jets than those.  The more alcohol or other oxygen containing molecules in the fuel, the richer the jetting. 

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2 hours ago, the boris said:

Looks like I've been living under the rock unti now, never heard of it lol

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No way I’d run this in a banshee, too expensive. If I remember right this 5 gallon cost me $160 or $170. 
with shipping 


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I put a little bit of the MR12 in the shee today. It was drained dry and that was all I had mixed up. Put just a little in to get it drove around the house and put in the basement where it’s heated so I can work on it. 
Big mistake, my whole house smells like fuckin rocket fuel. 

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