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Vacations any where in the world

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scuba diving, live volcano, cheap food cheap drinks cheap lodging amazing enviroment


water is crystal clear. absolutely the best place I have been....


My vacations are asian oriented though....


If you are single......

Phuket, pattaya beach, Bangkok,  thailand

Olongapo, angeles city, manilla, Phillipines


cancun was nice, so was mazatlan, manzanillio and cabo.

singapore was a great place to visit, expensive to eat drink and stay. but electronics were stupid cheap.

Jebel Ali (UAE) was a shithole with a nice area right around the freeway. Expensive as hell, except at the gold sook... jewelry was priced by weight not craftsmanship...

seychelles was the best place I had ever been to before I went to Bali... that place is awesome too.

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Glamis!!!! For all the obvious reasons.

Saint Lucia. Coconut bay resort. Far enough away from the tourist traps. (Shuttles into the town if wanted) small island everything close.
Local brew “Piton” just like Heineken.
Split resort families with kids on one side. All inclusive. Extremely clean. Event/show every night. Friendly locals and staff.
No need for armed guards.
Zip lining, catamaran around the island, rented a two seat buggy and toured the place. Horse rides on beach. You can actually drink the water if you want.
Would definitely go back. Hawaii was nice but to commercialized.

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Costa Rica for sure. I try and make it the every few years. But all my family is there. So it's a bit different for me
But greece was an awesome time. I can't wait to go back. It really looks like the pics. I would go back in a second.
I'm also big on hiking and national parks. So utah was a good one. I was there 10 days and it still wasn't enough

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Singapore. Extremely clean, many great beaches. Culture is great lots if nightlife and clubs. Can be expensive but worth it. Lots of crazy rules such as zero tolerance for littering including spiting on public sidewalk.

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