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Seat covers?

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good chunk of racers around western Ontario....   Lots of opportunity and track access down that way! 


All those guys though that ran banshees are opting to hybrids  these days though...  I know 2-3 of them at the least ditched the banshee scene and opted to a hybrid for the open class and run a 450 for the other classes.... 


The guy gusto posted ditched the 10cub for a  800? 2 stroke sled motor build last I looked. 


On that note.. its really not hard to install a cover but I will say its TONS easier with 2 people.    helps also to throw the seat cover in a dryer for a little bit before install 

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4 hours ago, locogato11283 said:

Fuck. That. Let them do it.

yea in most cases I agree but if you compare the cost of shipping for a whole seat vs just the cover... ill deal with the install and save myself the 50-60 $ shipping each way lol

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