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ALBA pro Peg Banshee nerfs finally in stock

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2 hours ago, caleb90 said:

the xrf set up looks nice

I seen a set of xfr nerfs on a mini before and they had aluminum pegs, If they do they will wear out fast!

my favorite pro peg nerfs are ac, but I found it hard to spent the money on them when alba were much cheeper

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If Alba wants to send you something to make things right why not consider a steering stem?

I run xrf pegs and they are a pain when kicking but you get use to it, I also have AC but the heels were cut off to help with kicking. I like the foot pegs on the AC pegs best.

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Set of Alba's breaking off, they seem really flimsy and like alba didn't even try when designing them. Like the heel guard bar not even lining up with the frame tab and just kinda floating there the support seems really poor. I run XFR used to own a AC set both are fine and actually have support in multiple locations but if I was buying again Factory 43 all the way. 

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