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Stk & Drag parts

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Dyna fs ignition SOLD
Vforce 3 reeds with big stuffers 135shipped
3 piece stator cover powder coated black SOLD
Non oem stator 40shipped
Lightened stk hubs SOLD
Shift forks good shape and shafts 45shipped
Clutch actuator ball and rod SOLD
Modded shift star,detent,adjuster, shift shaft SOLD
Stock kicker with detent,typical rattle 45shipped
Kicker gear and idler 30shipped
Stock cases no whack 125shipped see pics 5cdcce203cf6377cd14ca6b8fd9fce13.jpg65dcb16a1dd29d78d72b22b00481a29a.jpgf45e1c90a6a704c1a3ada151a0710152.jpg25ea11e0b8f5691e78817aac66957864.jpg977d65a26a32bdf05668144111052f19.jpgd0079ae92275170f1e8c0515a2144bd4.jpgf359108e16746c0926638cb9a53be9c8.jpg9d225115125b6a24124afeaa2207b346.jpgbfe6d1255208cd6f04ecafb6e1cfa613.jpg1b2aab008dd6b685b691817a83ae0887.jpg0e254c86f4d93334a02316a07d1e2c0f.jpg29a15b4d6f2e7ab4980cea157bdd1565.jpg22827172ed983737a272e4ae244ad7c8.jpg

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