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Dune/drag chassis for sale.

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This is a Sandragon Chassis that has been worked on by Brad Tyson... and Tim from Stellar did some fantastic work on it as well. It is essentially a roller minus the carrier, axle, and rear tires. It is a dual a-arm chassis w/removable sub frame(Stellar). It includes the stem and bars. Full rear break system all polished with braided line for extended swinger, swing arm w/wheelie bar mount(Stellar), wheelie bar(Stellar), full set of Marvin comps measured for the chassis, set of billet struts(Stellar), custom bracket that turns wheelie bar mount to a flag mount, brake lever, light polished spindle mounts w/light triple buff smoothies(very good shape but the center caps have some rust...(I would replace them w/shiny new), polished Boss radiator, all the custom polished aluminum bushing/spacers for master cylinder, brake lever etc.....all the goodies. I may be forgetting some things but what is pictured in the disassembled photos is what's included. I am also posting some pics of the chassis completely assembled so you can get an idea of what to expect. The cash price is $2300 and I am looking for a semi local sale(pickup only). I would also possibly be interested in trading for or toward a boat. Pontoon or some kind of family power/ski type boat. Also have a 250R I'll be selling that I would combine with chassis toward trade.


I have a lot of other parts as well, feel free to ask.

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What's up fellas! JT, I can't complain a bit buddy. Toys changed on me a little...just bought a house on a Lake I grew up partying on, gonna get a boat and enjoy that scene for a while. Will still make it to the dunes a few times a year so I will look you guys up and try and hook up.


I am going to give it just a little bit JT, but you will have first whack at the spindle mounts if I part it.

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