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Nyuk Is Annoying

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I post here for help, opinions, suggestions and fun . It seems lately that NYUK finds it amusing to reply with dumb ass comments to my post. I'm down for a witty reply, or funny one even if its at my expense, but NYUK your not funny, not even close! So NYUK, be easy partner, and stay off my dick.

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Wow this thread is older than my kids

Hey now!I'm from the cleveland area also.Lets not start talking about cities,Philly ain't no rose garden,its a dumphole too,so you guys don't have room to talk.Matter of fact the whole state of PA sucks.


You can't buy beer in stores

You have no say when it comes to new taxes,for example money for schools,city,etc.

You can't drive a beater car,even if its not a beater,but just loks like one.

Did they change that bullshit 55mph speed limit yet?


Cleveland may not be a cherry,but at least I can go to the corner gas station thats no bigger than a phone booth and buy some brews.


When they propose to build a new police station and school for only 50 millon,which is gonna cost the taxpayer 500 extra a year.I can vote NO and spend that 500 on my toys.


Then some asshole hits my car and leaves,leaving me with a busted up car,At least I can drive my dented,rusting pile of junk untill I feel up to fixing it.


I'm no foreigner to Pa,some of my good friends live there,but their laws suck.All of them.

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yeah, some of our laws suck, and our roads suck, and theirs lots of things I'd change if I was president, but you know the beer stores close at 9, and you make sure you have enough to get through to the next day, and if not...theirs always a bar open somewhere. 4 in the morning, 6 in the morning....whenever.


I've traveled around the country for 3 months, and been to many other places in the country and around the world on other travels for sports and I have to say I love my home. Their is such a vastness of people and things to do around here. I'm 2 hours from New york, 2 to the shore, 3 to Washington DC, an hour or 2 to the mountains snowboarding and sledding. Philly has such a history. You know how are fans are. Hell the eagles were on a drive down the field to win the game.....and we were booing them when they make a bad play. We're ruthless and you better be as good as your getting paid....or your gonna get boo'd. We've got independence hall, the liberty bell, and many other things.


I have to say, I've never been to cleveland, and dont know the area that well, but every person I've ever met in person or team I've played against from the cleveland (ohio general) area, has just been a little weird. Nothing in particular.....just kind of ....off.


No offense cause I'm sure not everyone is like what I've dealt with, but all I can go by is experience.


yeah they changed it to 65 I believe. Thats why I choose to live in an area where their is lots of business, which takes the weight off of the homeowners shoulders of having to front for new things. And I dont know what your talkin about not being able to drive beaters. Theres nothing more fun than buying a car for 100 bucks that has a month left on its inspection/emissions that you have to put a quart of oil in every 20 minutes and just beat the piss out of it until it breaks. Then you either sell it to a junkyard for 50 bucks, or use it to make a jump. Fire departments like to take them to practice on as well.

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lol......helllllll yeah! I ordered a cheesesteak in the middle of the country once when I was away from philly for like 5 weeks and got a slab of steak on a roll with a strip of cheese whiz down the middle of it.


I was like....wtf? Told the waitress to go cut it up into really thin slices.....throw on some more cheese...and bring it back.....it was still to thickly sliced....but what ya gonna do.


And they gotta come on an Amoroso roll.

I dont know what I'd do without amoroso rolls......probably have them dry iced to me or something. You can find chip steak anywhere....but a good roll is half the battle.

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this guy had to post some real stupid shit to get a rise outa NYUK, in my opinion all the united states have something nice to offer depends on what your into, i myself just happen to like the california coast in 1 city block you can see more butt than a toliet seat, point north for an hour and ski or ride, go south and be in mexico in an hour, riding the sweetest sand on earth, glamis, dumont, the desert, 4 sanctioned moto tracks within 20 minutes of the house......God Bless America......and if NYUK is riding your jock, you might want to ask him how he gets a Banshee to go so goddamm fast and stay on it, riding your jock would be a breeze after doin 110mph on a quad

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also forgot to add, for myself theirs only three places I've found that I'd like to live. Your area happens to be one Duece. Santa Cruz is another place that I find pretty nice. And greenville, NC. Out of all of them, Southern California is the most like the Philadelphia area. Everything is still all go go go......but its more of a healthy go go go. Philly area is a stress and work and just overall hectic craziness type area. Greenville and most of the south is a more.....if I get there on time I'm early type lifestyle. All of the country has many things to offer, just to different types of people. I happen to like my change of seasons and dont think I could part with it.....but when I get older and want to get away from all this crap....I'm heading straight towards an area thats driveable to glamis. I've never lived in any of the areas, just experienced them, so I dont know exactly how it truly is, just a perspective.

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from what i have seen NYUK only posts stupid replys where they are called for


i have not seen the posts you are talking about but i would hold off criticising NYUK for a while simply because he has a lot of respect round here and you dont get that unless you deserve it.


maybe you should think a little more before you have a whinge in future


whats gonna happen when you need help with some thing and NYUK is the man with the golden answer but wont part with it because you bagged him.


just my 2 cents



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