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BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

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I'm not putting anything on the roof that will make it harder to get off next time I have to seal the seams.

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Haha, somebody just spent hours chipping of that old factory hard shit from all the seams...been there done that

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Dad was guest speaker at the end of today's parade. #freedomisntfree #honorthesacrifice #memorialday2017 #helodriver #gunshippilot #purpleheartrecipient

Baby Jade Morgan Steinmetz has arrived! 9lbs 21" she is amazing and healthy. So awesome.

Today is a pretty significant day in the Laeger Family.   Today marks 49 yrs since my Dad was shot out of the air piloting his huey gunship in Vietnam.   http://www.valleyjournal.net/Article/142

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On 2/24/2020 at 12:39 PM, Canadianshee said:

Barn shopping.
78 F250 ranger explorer package with AC non 4x4 original 67456 KM. 1931 model A. 94397e040bcfa201d5be6cdff6643dce.jpg29e1ec3e71a5feb8f2b29634bf66ddb9.jpga0fd1a596fd9a90d730da7c35ac0098d.jpg

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Weird timing. I was just looking for my fist truck. A 1977 f100 explorer. Very similar to that one in looks. The shit you should have kept...

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