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Nice bike, at a first glance I thought it was one of Tyler's selfies

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Don’t you just love a Canadian bloviating about our politics when their freedoms are strangled by Liberalism? Hey Claude, write a letter to the editor of your local paper and say that homosexuality is perverse, then watch what happens. You people don’t even have the most basic of human rights. Has Canada sent men to the moon? What of significance has Canada contributed to the world? Would Canada even be able to protect itself if God had not providentially decreed America to become a nation of brave and free men that have the most powerful military in the world that borders it to the south? Canada is nothing but a blood sucking parasite living off the greatness of America.

Pretty much just owned Claude

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1 hour ago, ClaudeMachining said:


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You really can’t think critically, can you Clod? 

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