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  1. i am currently running dual 34 keihin carbs. it idles but bogs real bad in the mid power range. it has a 392 athena big bore, cool heads, 22cc domes, vforce 4 reeds, billet intake, fmf pipes and silencers, oversized radiators. it is about 25-40 Fahrenheit and about 600-700 feet above sea level. any recommendations on carb setting would be greatly appreciated. thanks for looking
  2. Exactly what the tittle says great pro circuits up for trade (or sell whatever) I’m looking for slp im currently sitting on couch drinking (a lot) I’ll add pics later
  3. Trying to sell my dmc 916s to buy some slp's. Asking $450. They were just soda blasted, freshly polished, repacked with less than 20 minutes on them. No dents, very clean!
  4. I have a banshee that was going to be a project but its been sitting for a few years. It has freshly serviced carbs but has a hole in one of the pistons, the Jugs are still good. Its a early 90s I believe almost everything is available still. i will be posting some things on ebay aswell, But anything your interested in please ask. Im just getting started so will have pictures soon
  5. Whats up guys. I have these carbs and I decided I do not want to run them. I've taken them apart and cleaned them. Looks like they are running 200 main jets and I haven't looked at the pilot but if you're interested let me know and I will check for you. So, I am looking to trade for some other parts. What I have: - Two complete Kehnin carbs, one K&N style air filter and joint (if I find the others I will send it too, I'd imagine they are together somewhere but I'm not sure I even have them), throttle cable (needs 1 new adjuster), needles and assembly, caps. - Chinese
  6. Inframe,small bore,unstamped,triple plated chrome. Has a dent, shown in pictures, but cant be seen when mounted. Comes with hangars and clamps, 500 shipped and you pay paypal fees
  7. Ceramic coated black, un-stamped,small bore, in-frame cpi's. Comes with Cascade billet pipe clamps. $400 pp fees shipped Text or pm 971-221-6086
  8. I need some help folks, i just recently got my first banshee it is a 2004 and i recently had it rebuilt with weisco top and botom end, i have dual k&n air filters on it and toomey t5s already i plan on getting a after market cool head and domes and my swing arm extended +6" also a 15 or 16 tooth front sprocket But my questions are what size jets should i get and what are your thoughts about my set up
  9. Clearing out some quads and a lot of projects and parts that were meant for such projects. All parts are either brand new never used or in excellent shape (simply bolted up or less than 3 rides) unless stated otherwise. More will be added as I have time to take pics and post them. Prices are shipped unless stated otherwise and prices are for gifted payment, PayPal fees will need to be covered by the buyer. PayPal is BlakeRms288@yahoo.com Sniper Inframes w/ stainless packing and billet clamps - $795 new, asking $620.-Sold 40mm Billet Smart Carbs. $1,300 new. Asking $1,000 for the pa
  10. For sale is a nice used set of small bore CPI’s with Cascade CSFX silencers. $480 shipped. Everything is in excellent condition with the exception of a few minor things that you will never see when it is installed. The first issue is a small dent on the inside of the left pipe where the head hits the pipe. I’ve seen that on a lot of CPI’s. Also on the left pipe is a small dent about 2 inches from the exhaust flange. The chrome on that flange is also starting to chip a little bit. The last issue is a smudge on one of the stinger tubes that looks like something got burned on it, but it won’t com
  11. Greetings all Looking for shearer or cpi inframes. Sb. Also, new to the site as member but have been reading and following for a couple years. Shout out from south AZ, where we ride alllll year long
  12. Ok so I'll make it simple for now there's more mods to the motor, but for now I'm currently running stock carbs and vforce reeds what do you guys think if I put a 2 in 1 intake on a 4 mill?? Will it loose power? Can it gain more power? Better throttle response? More speed less speed? Good or bad idea? What are the pros and cons of a 2 in 1 on a 4mill? If good idea what size carb is good and what intake? Thanks for the help
  13. okay on my 99 banshee, was running real strong till it fell over on its side on cement. continued to run strong for another 30 mins. then issues came from the exhaust it started smoking all white smoke out of one pipe only. turned it off and parked it. took the spark plugs out checked them, looked fine. problem is the banshee will not start back up so i can't really diagnose the problem. does anybody know where this could come from?
  14. Here's a list of what I have. One new Athena head with new 22cc domes all orings and acorn nuts with new crush washers. New Athena 68mm pistons with wrist pins,I installed rings and one clip on each only been test fitted and were too tall because there for stock crank. Mirror finish stock length tie rods new New alba racing upper ball joints Stock cylinders with light scaring stock bore one stripped stud hole and slight porting. Used black chariot performance cool head with used 19cc domes. And a new set of orings. New stock front brake lever and master cylinder wit
  15. Selling a set of Toomey T5s. They're in pretty decent shape, one tab was cracked and has been welded. see pictures below. Can send more pictures on request. $250 OBO seller pays shipping. Don't be scared to make an offer, need these gone!
  16. Hey all, new to the forums and just had a couple questions about my banshee which I just bought. The quad has an aftermarket airbox and filter on it and the previous owner has 1/4 inch tubing running from the carb and into the air box. I was told this was done so the carb could receive more air flow but after a bit of riding fuel from the carb will slowly fill the lines. I empty them after each ride but am curious as to what that's about. Also on my last ride I brought it back and it sat for about 5 minute when all of a sudden the radiator gushed out a bunch of coolant, at first I thought it w
  17. I want to eventually get a new exhaust for my bike. I assume that the Toomey T5 complete kit with silencers is the best, just not sure.. I am sure there's a lot of opinions on it. I know a kit is going to cost $500-$700 depending...
  18. CBR as the title states. Second owner of the bike, got it with around 2500 miles. Did the rear fender delete, taylormade exhaust, and power commander. Has an aftermarket led taillight and blinks. Just had the forks gone through. Basically new tires on it, has been well taken care of. Oil has just been changed with Rotella T6 5w40. Don't have time to ride it. Asking $12,000 picked up or ship if buyer pays for it.
  19. Chrome toomey 3 series pipes. Good shape , nice chrome. Can't get pictures posted due to size of file. Contact me for pictures. 200$ shipped.... Very willing to trade for another set of pipes !!!!
  20. I have been busy and unable to keep on top of the part out. So I'm just gonna re post and start over. Sorry to anyone that I didn't respond to. I know I'm to list prices, but I'll except offer. I have everything but carbs, PM or text 814-558-5431 with an offer or ask for a prices and I'll search it on eBay. Can't upload a pic. But I will send upon request! Have pro circuit pipes, nice plastic, Thank you for your time. May part out motor
  21. I have a bunch of parts that I'm looking to sell, all parts are in good working condition. They are dirty in pic but will clean upon shipping. If you are interested in any parts, text 814-558-5431 or email me. 2 stators- $40 each 3 sets of stock exhausts- $60 each 2 cdi box- $30 each 3 sets of throttle cables with carb tops- $30 each 3 throttle cables- $15 each 4 clutch cables- $10 each Dynoport 2 into 1 exhaust- $150 Air box and lid- $20 Front bumper- $20 3 good headlights and parts headlights- $30 for all Steering stem- $30 3 radiators- $40 each Front fender mounts- $10 for all
  22. installed a set of brand new toomey t5s a few days ago and had it jetted nice and everything and it was working awesome and pullin hard, but today it was workin like crap from the second i had started it. it has trouble opening up unless i clutch it and in 5th and sixth gear i cant get it to open up at all. today was raining and pretty damp if that might make a difference. tried new plugs even though it was running on two cylinders. stock except for t5s, uni filter and no air box lid. never checked compression yet but was working 100% when i parked it.
  23. a.diercks

    WTB DMC 916's

    Looking for a good used set of DMC 916 pipes and silencers. PM me or Post photos of pipes. Willing to trade Toomey T6 pipes or outright buy DMC's. Thanks
  24. my buddy just got the Athena big bore kit 392cc, alien 916 pipes, k@n w/ outerwears, Keihn PWK 28mm carbs running 100 octane, and we cannot figure out what size jets to use, he has 160 mains and 52 pilots and 3rd clip position in now. it barely idles and when you hit the throttle it kinda dies out. any suggestions would help out great thanks..
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