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  1. This guy doesn't know where he is, or what the hell is going on. https://nypost.com/2021/06/14/biden-gaffe-at-g-7-summit-sparks-laughter-from-world-leaders/
  2. Wednesday the 16th, Putin is going to eat Bidens lunch
  3. Nothing better than a pontoon. Problem on our lake is the weekends are so wavy you'd be getting wet driving through the main lake.
  4. Yeah frankly I don't even surf in my boat and I'm too old to wakeboard. Its definitely comfortable for us to anchor up in though. If/when I buy a new boat I'd get a big Monterey open bow
  5. So mine is a 2015 and apparently that year had a glue defect for the seats. I fought for two years to get new skins. I just got them delivered and installed in April. So it has a brand new 2018 interior which is sort of nice. Skins were free too. I love the boat, handles waves very well.
  6. Biggest muskie in my boat before this was 54 x 24. This was 56. I live on a VERY good heavily managed muskie lake and am surrounded by healthy population lakes. Rainy Lake depending on where you go is a good lake to try for muskies. I would find rock piles and cast those, or cast/troll weed lines/edges. Find breaks in water depth, cast shallow and bring out deep. Bucktails (cowgirls), weighted suicks, crank baits (jakes, SS Shads, cranes), Cannonballs/Cannonball JR's all you give you a chance. I know rainy has a ton of pike so you should be able to get into a decent size of those. J
  7. Hello, who are you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Why the fuck can’t I post pictures anymore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. There will always be a group of people who enjoy fucking other people.
  10. While I do agree most of the social media platforms that are republican based are no better than the liberal ones who tore Trump apart for his 4 years. I can’t agree on the fact that Biden is a fit president. I don’t care if he’s only been in for 5 months. The guy isn’t mentally there. If you think Biden actually had 80,000,000 votes I would like you to take a trip around the United States and look for visible support. I’m willing to bet there is currently still more Trump Flags/bumper stickers in yards and on cars than there is Biden. But maybe people are embarrassed to show their support f
  11. Fun fact, and I actually posted them here in the images section... I myself got 2 mail in ballots, my wife got 3. My grandpa got 11! I actually went in to vote in person though. The most "popular" president in history and I RARELY see any support for him anywhere.
  12. I'm glad you understand this. There is near zero support for Biden here, even the people who voted for him aren't outright supporting him. It's a total laughing stock.
  13. Is an incompetent boob and I hope all who voted for him are happy with what they got.
  14. Yep! Embarrassing what's happened to it. Thanks liberals and hoods.
  15. A hot start button? This is a great way to go through a set of reeds every 2 passes.
  16. LETS GOOOOO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Yep. If you want to fish here you need to be off the lake by 10am, or go out after 8pm. You can't fish top water until Tuesday or Wednesday as it takes that long for the chopped up weeds to go away from the weekend traffic.
  18. Minnesota. We had a bad year for ice lakes only had about 24" which we normally would have 30-40". It got warm and rainy very early here. I'm actually putting one of our boats in this afternoon. One of the earliest ice outs on record here. Only problem with this is, all the idiots get to be out sooner. You can't even find a new boat here since everyone bought one because of COVID (no restrictions on boating). I've never seen our lake as busy as it was last year.
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