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  1. Koolguyson

    Timing plate and cool head

    I have a new Chariot head (no domes) with o-rings and hardware as well as 2 pro-design timing plates if you still need em
  2. Koolguyson

    Billet tierods

    I meant 40...jk. PM sent.
  3. Koolguyson

    Billet tierods

    New and still in the package. Polished... 35 shipped.
  4. Koolguyson

    +8 Chrome Lonestar Swingarm

    Waited 7 months for the guy to pay me for it. Never did :/
  5. Like it says, I have a +8 aerotube Lonestar swingarm. Chrome is an 8, and the arm itself is in perfect condition. It is also diamond re-enforced which is an addition $250 option from LS. It makes the arm MUCH stronger. $350+shipping
  6. Koolguyson

    Parts depot atv- eBay

    Parts Depot=Trinity
  7. Koolguyson

    I want to buy your bad stators

    I have a couple oem's.
  8. Koolguyson

    pay pal

    No offense, but you must not have searched very hard. That number is straight off of paypal's website
  9. Koolguyson

    pay pal

    Do you have any idea how little it costs to run a company like paypal? Hell their Q4 revenue alone was over 1.2 BILLION dollars.
  10. Koolguyson

    pay pal

    3% for being a middle man on millions of dollars daily is a pretty good gig. Tack that 3 (it's actually closer to 4) plus their little additional fees, and then if you use ebay...another 11-15%...that is nearly 20% going to one entity that has never even supplied a good. That is one hell of a gig. Hell yeah I'll bitch. Their fees are astronomical for that they provide. In the case of ebay, they will pull your ad if you even mention any form of payment other than paypal! Fk em.
  11. Koolguyson

    Prodesign billet timing plate

    Looks like a Mattoon to me. Not a prodesign. Look guys, no offense, but get off my post. These cost more because they are nicer. I didn't make the rules, but that's how it goes.
  12. Koolguyson

    Prodesign billet timing plate

    No. You can't.
  13. Koolguyson

    Tons o' aftermarket chit

    If I pulled the picture, it means I sold the part. (I can't edit my first post anymore to remove the sold items).
  14. Koolguyson

    Tons o' aftermarket chit

    Still have a lot of this!