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  1. Fuel mileage.. not really. I don’t race. I just ride around the house because I live in the middle of nowhere. I imagine I’ll get a high capacity tank if need be.. I assume redline will know what carbs and what not to run with his build. I just don’t want to be throwing parts at this thing to see what works. Prefer to just do it right the first time..
  2. Already have alba long travel a arms with ELKA Front and rear.. plus many other mods.. im asking specifically about motor.. thanks for the input guys!
  3. Current mods are: paul turner mids w fat boys milled head (not sure how much but it clearly is when I compared it to a factory) timing plate vforce reeds (look like older ones) factory carbs jetted w pods I ride desert mainly.. if you had say 3-5k to throw at this power wise.. what would you do? also, any recommendations on who to contact for the build thanks
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