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  1. no my plugs when i pull them are nearly dry but burnt
  2. nothing too bad i mean like they look good condition but kinda old
  3. so pointing toward the airfilter got it ill check that early in the morning
  4. wait so are both supposed to face each other or no or both facing the air filter ik sounds dumb but i wanna make sure
  5. i dont think so cause the slides fall all the way in i gotta check that tomorrow since its getting dark ill keep you guys updated
  6. so i just seen the ebay post i bought the rebuild from pilot is 30 and needle that i have no clue i never mess with those since im not sure what to do with that
  7. rn i think im using 30 or 27.5 if i remember it was either of those
  8. i have to use starter fluid every single time once its hot fires right up
  9. pilots should all be the same as oem so im thinking a 30
  10. crazy i know but i think a 240 should fix my issue because ive rebuilt the bike bottom up and for something that simple i cant just give up
  11. fouls it in a total of 4 hours so even ik thats not good
  12. trued all that still same issues bike acts funky even with the old or new so now im just wondering if i should run a 240 cause 280 and up flood it
  13. tried everything and carbs seem perfect no issues nothing only thing i noticed while trying them out anything over 280 will flood the bike so now im thinking about what other jets i can use because ik 156 is way too low but it made the bike run perfect hit 70 no problem just burnt the spark plug so im wondering what i should install next im thinking a 240
  14. :35.90629,-119.25050 thats the evalation and im not running a airbox so idk what i can get in jetting
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