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  1. Well I called them again today and got told they will call me back and the machinist called me back after they had closed and pretty much told me looks like they will work together but his bore machine won’t size down small enough to do the work so I am picking them up in the morning! Pretty unfortunate I waited three weeks lol but at least I can get them done properly. What does it usually run using a site sponsor? Just trying to get a guesstimate I know it depends on person and what’s done. Very disappointed to hear about precision power sports also tho that’s a let down for sure. But I appr
  2. I have had a set of cylinders at the machine shop for several weeks now going on week 3 and haven’t heard anything back. Should I get them back and see about a site sponsor taking care of it? If so what would a guesstimate turn around time be? I would have to ship them out as I think the closest place to me is precision power sports at about an hour away but I’m sure they are backed up with work?.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  3. Just saw these replies. Good points lol. But yea I have some oem cylinders at the machine shop now on a stock bore but had some surface rust. So I’m seeing if the 64mm wiseco pistons I had will work otherwise I gotta order the next size up. Since they have some corrosion what would be a safe size to go with? The shop owner said they would probably need bored but he would check to see if they would work with a hone and clean up. But I figured regardless probably good to go the next size so that leads to my question above
  4. Never mind. I see now the wrist pin location is moved up higher to accommodate for the added 5mm in rod length. So if I’m understanding correctly no I can’t use them as they are specifically made for the long rod?
  5. Might be a dumb question but I’m pretty sure I have a stock stroke stock rod length crank but I have a set of slightly used 795 series wiseco pistons that are 65.50 bore and I have a set of oem cylinders on a stock 64mm bore im pretty sure but they are kind of rusted up. I got a brand new stock bore wiseco top end kit for it but didn’t know if just a hone job would suffice for the new stock bore top end without having to over bore so I didn’t know if I could use these other bigger pistons that are for a long rod I believe if a boring is needed. Sorry if it’s been answered before but I’m new he
  6. I have an air box in usual way condition.
  7. I have one and I also have the lid
  8. Willing to negotiate price on vforce reeds and intake boots? Very interested
  9. I haven’t had much luck with my last post. Not a single reply lol. So I am going to try again I am in need of a set of oem stock bore cylinders! With all these built bikes doesnt someone have a set of stock cylinders for sale lol I’m located in Missouri and there’s nothing for sale local
  10. Hi I am new to this forum but have always been into banshees and I just got a bike that’s in pieces and I’m putting it back together and it is missing a lot but for now I am looking for a front right brake caliper for a j arm bike and a seat. Also looking for anything else really plastics I have are shot and looking for handle bars and some other things. Can message on here or can give cell number. I appreciate it thank you
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