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  1. Hey guys does anybody have any pics or ideas where to mount the oem headlight switch? I’m trying to clean up the bars, was thinking of a toggle switch somewhere. Any ideas? Thx
  2. Yes correct ,ok just wanted to make sure there wasnt a issue in the trans. Thank you
  3. Hey guys is there suppose to be play in this shaft? I installed the basket and clutch hub and torqued the shaft nut down, but there’s play back and fourth, the bike had a Hinson basket and the pucks are good, there’s no movement there it’s wiggle back and fourth movement like pushing in on the shaft and pulling out. That normal? Before I took the bike apart there was no problems with shifting etc.. thanks for any help..
  4. Hey guys, I’ve searched and can’t find any info on this mod. Is there any problems with doing this, I seen it done on south Texas banshee you tube. Looks clean, my question is will I still get to keep my over flow bottle in the back by the airbox? Or do I have to delete that also? Thanks guys
  5. Well I tried fitting and the box won’t fit into the mounting holes, the bike had open filters when I got it, but where we ride it’s not good for them so was putting stock airbox in.
  6. Can you use reeds and spacers and the stock airbox?
  7. Ok so I think we figured it out on the shift shaft, it looks a little worn on the end where it’s welded and on the cover there’s a pin that actually lines up with the end of the shaft and keeps that tight from moving out to far, so I have a new shaft and gonna try that, what’s happening it’s sliding out past the shift star just a hair.. so what about the play on the clutch shaft anybody have any ideas on that? I’m thinking it’s normal but just was wondering if anybody has there clutch out and could see if there side by side play and in and out play.
  8. Hello guys so I just took my clutch cover off to do some work, just bought this banshee, My question is the shaft the basket and clutch sits on suppose to have a little movement in and out and side to side? The guy before me was just recently in there it looks like oil real clean clutch not bad new Hinson basket. Just wanna make sure that movement is ok. Also when the bike is in first gear if I press on the shifter it skips sounds like a chain skipping a tooth, so I have it apart and when I press in on the clutch side of the shift shaft it doesn’t do it, but there’s play there almost like
  9. Looking for stock airbox complete or any parts avail either, pls email me. Kawasakyryder 13@aol.com. Thx
  10. What color the shock springs and condition andmpicture? Thx
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