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  1. Tuning exhaust pipes in my city, no one will make me, and from the ATV they will not fit. this season we will ride these pipes, and in the summer we will increase the volume to 472, put an injector and send a moped where the thread for making exhaust pipes. everything will be.
  2. Show it! https://radikal.ru/video/KXBJw566v9n https://radikal.ru/video/2D055H4yIti
  3. thanks! I plan to contact Kevin for porting and other tuning. http://herrjugsracing.com/ https://www.instagram.com/herrjugsracing/
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Banshee-Athena-Wiseco-68mm-Big-Bore-421-Stroker-Crank-Pistons-Pro-Head-Domes-Cub/202581004892 A good option for buying and installing bolt-on? Can I waste a stock cylinder up to the size of 68mm? what is the maximum diameter possible with the stock bore of the cylinders? It is possible to make new cylinder liners for any diameter and make new pistons for these liners.
  5. This is not a Banshee gathering. I use a Banshee engine, a yamaha rz250r motorcycle frame, a Honda cr250 fork. To install the track, I completely make everything myself, starting from the suspension levers and ending with the sidewalls. from plywood, these are just layouts, they are cheap and easy to cut with a laser. It remains to understand what to do with the engine. how to get the maximum power with a minimum investment of money. Use the links to view photos. https://ibb.co/J544z1n https://ibb.co/cJCqbxt https://ibb.co/Jcxp6WD
  6. Good afternoon. Greetings from snowy Siberia! I started building a snowbike based on a Yamaha Banshee engine. What improvements do you recommend for the maximum power / price ratio? I somehow see the installation of the crankshaft +7mil and porting the stock cylinder. or use the Athena lshe 392cc? I want to achieve the maximum torque and the maximum length of it. Which option do you think is best suited for snowbikes? Tell me also what is different about porting Dyna, play, drag? https://ibb.co/J544z1n https://ibb.co/cJCqbxt https://ibb.co/Jcxp6WD
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