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  1. So i was up north riding and well i lost half my compression over night, went home pulled my cylinders off they look good (been sleeved by the previous owner also claims he did a top end he said about 5hrs on it) pistons still had machining rings on them but could be replaced (i do plan on replacing them) anyways I want some thought on what to do for my power, i was gonna get a modquad cool head but i seen a lot of you like the noss heads more. Keep in mind i wanna stay on 93 octane, i also may do a hinsom clutch since i think mines starting to slip here and there but as of right now it has the TORS delete, K&N pods, carbon fiber reeds, boost bottle, and fmf pipes. My stator plate is at +6 or +5 i plan on putting it down to +4 idk what the guy before me was tryna do with it but i dont think he really had a clue.
  2. I'm assuming the banshee has stock jetting since the dude had no idea when it came to carbs but i plan on pulling it apart tomorrow so I'll get you guys the main and pilot then but what do you guys think it'll need for jets? I'm running fmf fattys with their silencers, carbon fiber reeds, uni pods (may switch to K&N down the road), and a TORS delete if that matters. Lately when i been riding I'll be going and it'll just bog out but it will start right up again and bog out a min or so later again (goes further if i let it run for a min with the gaa off after starting it) and I've noticed its dripping gas outta the over flow pretty often, I'm tearing them down and cleaning them while I'm at it
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    Hole in banshee case?

    Okay cause it wasn't leaking the day i got it it just did it the other day so i parked it and was gonna pull the motor to get them welded shut but i didnt even think of that (intake manifold does have a bit of oil on it so i 100% agree) but i shouldn't worry about those holes when i go to the dunes in a couple weeks?
  4. So i just picked up a 01 banshee and been riding it well other day i noticed it was dripping oil from the bottom case so i put it on my lift and long story short there 2 holes on the bottom case that go all the way through to the top. (One in between the heads and the other one is just below the stator cover) the dude who i bought it from JB welded the bottom hole so i thought i needed new cases but i fpund out theyre suppose to be there to allow grass, water, etc to pass though rather then pile up underneath the carbs. My issue is im 99% sure i was dripping oil out of that hole what should i do? Everyone says not to weld the holes but same time i think thats my only fix to stop the leak i cant submit photos cause theyre over 52kbs but im sure the holes are in any banshee, but isn't it harmful to have holes in the case especially when i plan on doing some dune riding?