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  1. I emailed lsr and they weren't sure if they were theirs or not they said a lot of fakes were made back in the day. The a arms are at least 5 years old from what the guy I bought the bike off told me.. they seem decent and heavy duty I'll probably polish them up and re use them. Don't really want to dump more money into the bike being I've been outta work since March thanks to Covid lol but I'll let you know if I decide to get new ones Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I believe these are old lsr a arms and I was just wondering where to get ball joints from? Checked their web sight and I'm not sure what model these are. Any help would be appreciated.. basically bought this bike for a killer deal and I'm doing a complete rebuild Any one have experience with the Alba racing 2+1 a arms? For the price of all the ball joints might just be better to get new ones.. plus one of the tie rod ends was bent inside the tie rod and I'm pretty sure the threads are screwed up now any help Would be greatly appreciated
  3. Was already looking at getting a new bushing for the idler gear.. should I just buy a new gear itself? And where can I find a new little c clip that goes on the end of it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I know I need a new clutch basket how does the inner hub look? And how much play if any should be in the idle kicker gear? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. And any recommendations on what clutch plates to get? Does it really matter?
  6. Awesome thanks.. I was wondering how long I could keep the engine drained for? Currently waiting on a billet water pump impeller and now the clutch plates and pancake bearing.. frames off to powder coat so yeah.
  7. So I picked up this banshee a few weeks ago and I'm running through it. It sat for over 2 years.. how does the clutch plates look Shoukd I get new ones? Changed all the fluids and rode it around a little and it seems fine but this is my first banshee so I'm not sure. Also should I get a pancake bearing? I believe this is not one i would like to just do preventative stuff seems like this banshee was neglected And is this weld in the case normal? Or is it something I should be concerned about? It's located under the kick starter
  8. Awesome thanks man. You wouldn't happen to know why the inside front rim is hitting the bottom arms on full lock out would you??
  9. Really lone star a arms?? I checked their web sight and couldn't seem to find them so I'm assuming they are an older model being the upper arm has a spacer you put between em. And all their newer stuff looks like it's a solid arm.. Would I be able to run some long travel elka stage 4s on em or only standard length? I was looking at the alba racing +2 +1 arms with the LT elka shocks. But if these are in fact lone star then I could save some money there. I'll have to look into that +2 axel The bike is almost stripped down just gotta pull the steering steam out and it should be re
  10. Recently picked up a 99 banshee for A killer deal and I decided I want to powder coat some parts and Just go through the bike and rebuild it being it was neglected for a while. This is my first banshee and so far I've been having fun with the bike. I got some questions. Can anyone identify these a arms? I have no idea what brand they are or anything like that. https://postimg.cc/gallery/21CM2kr what is the length on the standard Oem a arms? And axel? The guy I bought the bike off said that they were long travel A arms but I don't think they are then again I'm not sure.
  11. Tyler702

    A arms

    Finally uploaded pictures sorry I'm a noob here. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it https://postimg.cc/gallery/d1w8Tgc
  12. Tyler702

    A arms

    Tried to up load pictures but couldn't.. they are chrome. And have what looks like a skid plate at the bottom underneath the shocks. The skid plate has big holes in it per design
  13. Tyler702

    A arms

    Can anyone help me out.. recently bought this banshee had a bunch of aftermarket stuff on it and I was wondering if anyone can identify these A arms. At full lock out the rim hits the lower arm
  14. Hey man I was wondering what brand grab bar that is? 

  15. Recently picked up a 99 banshee for a steal of a price and whoever did the tors delete messed up the tap on the right carb.. Anyways to fix this? I've heard jb weld but I'd rather not do that what are some good after market carbs? i really don't plan on doing anything else to the bike as of now just want to get it up and running so what size carb/brand should I go with? bike has full t5s no air box or lid and k&n pods and vforce4 reeds Any help would be greatly appreciated
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