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  1. i already ordered a new one. i was just wondering if it would cause the bike to rev out high when you start it not being in the side of the carb. i switched from 2 into 1 carb tomy dual carb set up didnt realize the choke plunger wasnt in the carb.i started it and it revved out and i shut her off right away. Was just curious if when i put thenewone in if the idle will go back down?
  2. i traded my old T5 pipes for a aet of T6 pipes i kept my silencers but now its a bitch and they dont wanna seem to slide on the end of the T6 pipes like they did the T5s. no the ends are not cut on the T6's.
  3. looking to buy a used but useable pair of shocks. Also interested in a rear shock and chrome a-arms let me know what you have
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