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  1. Did you go and brought that Banshee?
  2. McGrawz

    Question on buying a Banshee.

    Sounds like a good find, congratulations! A buddy of mine did the same when he brought a truck by going through a police office. Everything was in order, we even put on the new set of wheels and tires from 4WheelOnline and Discountdirect. Too late to check the rest of its history, it came from a flooded state. Good thing it doesn't show a major engine issue or rusts.
  3. McGrawz

    ISO yellow radiator plastic

    Looks like it is a little hard to look for rad plastic in that color. Uncle got this new banshee with lots of parts missing. We'll just finish installing the draw-tite hitch onto the truck and we'll take a closer look at the bike.
  4. McGrawz

    Gold rims

    Nice find! Gold rims looks great
  5. I'll see if my buddy needs on for his next bike project we'll work on right after we finished installing the headache rack, bakflip cover and railings on the current truck project. Gonna tear the bike apart this weekend, I'll shoot you a PM if needed.
  6. McGrawz

    what fuel is best

    My buddy tried 100 octane before and it just makes the engine sound louder without much improvement. I would stick to 93-95 octane.
  7. McGrawz

    No spark

    Have you figured it out? Last time we worked on a bike which been sitting for 7 years, it needed some cleaning for wire contacts, especially on the battery, ground and sparkplug which resolved the idling and starting issues.
  8. McGrawz

    lets see your pets

    He must be an adorable companion for adventures.
  9. McGrawz

    Tie rod ends and shock suggestion?

    Looks good but too bad it doesn't have any review of performance and fitment.
  10. McGrawz

    Kick start problems

    New here and the Banshee we'll be working on have the same problem on the kick. Gonna check if it needs a new bushing as well.