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  1. Anyone know where these are made? I gotta assume China??
  2. Oh my bad . Not the ones I got. Doesn’t say they change foot position. But if those pics are accurate, they most certainly would. Those would work for me but a little pricey. Thanks
  3. That’s pretty much what i bought on eBay already. They are just ok.
  4. I’m in need of some foot pegs that pegs are set between mounting bolts. Superpeg did make them at one time. But no one seems to carry them anymore. I recently bought a pair on eBay for $100 bucks . But I would rather a wider peg w kick ups. I anyone has these or can point me in right direction, would be great , thanks
  5. Ya I’m 6’3” . You have any pics of your set up? Thanks in advance
  6. Hey guys , trying to get an answer on this. I’m tall w size 14 feet . Riding position is not comfortable. Def can not shift at all w fox mx boots . .. I see these lowered / drag foot pegs for sale . Lowers pegs 2 inches and brings rearward 2 inches. Sounds like that will work better for me . Obviously can’t run them w my stock heel guards . I don’t want to run w out some kind of nerf bar. I’m not opposed to buying new nerf bars. Question is... does anybody know if these will work w any aftermarket nerf bars??
  7. Reason I’m thinking to go from 280 to 260 is .. plugs are pretty black and temp is gonna get hotter.
  8. I don’t think it’s compression. Bike rips pretty good . Has no problem wheeling even when I’m trying not to . Accelerates very well out of corners. I’ll do a proper compression test when I can. Any other thoughts? From anyone on my setup??
  9. Did a compression test, 140psi on both. Did test on cold engine though w one plug in
  10. Hey guys , looking to pick your brains a bit. I have a 98. T5 pipes . Pro design filter. Holes in air box lid. Stock carbs w 280 mains ,27.5 pilot about 2 turns on air screws . Middle needle position. Just rebuilt top end. Wiseco pro lite 65.25mm pistons. Cylinders were bored by a shop . He said he cleaned up and polished cylinder intake and exhaust ports . Pro design cool head w 22cc domes . Carbs are synced pretty good w out a tool . 32:1 mix w amsoil dominator on 91 ethanol free pump gas . I’m at 900 ft elevation . In New York State . About 40 -50 degrees now . Bike starts and runs pretty
  11. So after 1 1/2 months and at least a $1000 bucks . She’s up and running . Just wanted to thank the guys that helped me on forum. So new Wiseco 65.25 pistons , polished intake and exhaust ports . New cool head , new clutch w billet basket , +4 timing plate . Pro design filter in stock air box. Carbs jetted w 280 main , 27.5 pilot. And a few other odds and ends . She rips pretty good . After the first set of plugs . I synced carbs . Now plugs a light brown color. Running amsoil dominator 32:1. Do I need to do this plug chop thing ???
  12. Hey guys , if I go w 66 mm pistons on stock crank . What size domes will I need for cool head?
  13. So obviously my cylinders have been cut already to accommodate the old pistons being 1 over ... right?? Sorry for all questions. But your a tremendous help
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