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  1. Been pretty busy the last couple months, finally got the bike out for a ride. A little fat, but that’s to be expected with the heat. Did some road riding and I could feel and see the bike torquing sideways when I’d get in the throttle, then straighten up when I let off. Checked it out and the adjusters move up and down freely (not sure if that’s normal), and the axle has play back and forth in the swing arm. I’m not convinced that just tightening up everything will keep the play out. I’m sure some of you guys have seen this before?
  2. Deets

    Best place to send cylinders

    Skeeter will pay you to LYBH
  3. Deets

    Squish and compression

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  4. Deets

    Squish and compression

    Is it common for floats to need adjustment on new carbs? 28 PWK’s After every ride when I stop I get a small puddle of fuel from the over flow.
  5. Depends on what you want to spend, billet ones look pretty cool. They Probly have better leverage than stock I’d say too.
  6. Either oil still mixes fine with the gas and that is all that matters
  7. Deets

    Pipe and filter clearance

    They both had to go down and in on mine. Definitely need pipe wrap. mine haven’t had any issue coming loose after two tanks so far.
  8. So oil ratio is the only thing that has any affect on how much smoke you have? I’m sure it may be a little different, I’m just sayin if your jetting is spot on then the difference would most likely not be noticeable. And if a little extra 2smoke bothers ya, then maybe you should stick to 4 strokes. Lol
  9. Deets

    Pipe and filter clearance

    I’m running a billet Chariot intake, so YMMV
  10. Smoke is from the tune, your rich if it’s smoking. I have no smoke at all at 32:1 when it’s warmed up.
  11. Are there any advantages of running 50:1 over 32:1? I can’t think of any, besides that it’s cheaper.
  12. I used to mix Klotz Benol and Mobil 1 all the time.