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    01 banshee, stock bore pro Circuit pipes boost bottle hot rod crank and pro circuit pipes, +2 A arms +2 rear axle also has wheel spacers all the way around so she has a nice wide stance to her!, nerf bars, Duncan front bumper, jds racing grill also have afew other new parts coming in aswell as parts coming back from powder coat so currently got some work going on, I’m planning on putting up some pictures once it’s done!

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  1. Banshkid

    Need help, water pump vent leaking tranny oil

    Does anyone know where I can still buy one of these plates? I just looked online an can’t find any that are metal
  2. Banshkid

    White rad cover

    I currently have a black rad cover but looking for a white to match my plastics, if anyone has one their will to part with msg me
  3. Banshkid


    Hey guys so I’m looking into buying one of the Duncan bumpers, cheapest place I’ve found it is on eBay. but before making the purchase i was wondering if anyone on here had one that their looking to part with? if so let me know, thanks!
  4. Banshkid

    Advanced timing

    I’m aware of that, I’m guessing stock is just at 0?
  5. Banshkid

    Advanced timing

    Yeah that’s what it was set to before and resulted having a hole in the top of my piston I haven’t started it yet, I’m still finishing up afew things but I hope it will run better now
  6. Banshkid

    Advanced timing

    So quick update question i went out an bought a puller because I didn’t have one, I dug into it and found out the timing was actually set to -1 on a stock motor should I run it at +4?
  7. Banshkid

    Advanced timing

    Yeah that’s what I figured, what do you mean squish? An I would upload a pic but it won’t allow me👎
  8. Banshkid

    Advanced timing

    Hey so I know this has been a topic of discussion before, I’ve only seen older forums but not necessarily the right answer I’m looking for. I’m a “noob” to the banshee world I just bought mine last year that already had abunch of mods done to it, I’ve learnt quite abit from reading on here so I’m blessed this site is here😝 so basically my question is hoping someone has some insight on this for me, I had my dad do a full rebuild on my engine, it let go after 15 hours of riding it there was multiple things they were half ass put together when I got it, but anyways it has a timing plate on it and I didn’t start looking into the quad until after it was built and I started putting the bike back together, it hasn’t been started or ran yet but I asked my dad about the timing he said it was marked at +11 and that’s what he put it back to, I’m assuming this is definitely one of the things that went wrong with it in the first place, I’ve noticed here that +4 - +6 is the sweet spot depending on what mods you have going. basically I’ve been wanting to bring this up to him as for I’m concerned about what will happen but hill just think I’m full of it, I would just like some back up proof as to what’s going to happen in this situation in the future