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  1. rkooienga

    Banshee rear housing

    I have a 2003 Blaster and I screwed up the housing and was wondering if a banshee housing fits on the blaster and what fabricating i would have to do. I know the axels are the same size but i Believe the rear brakes would need to be fabed to fit onto the banshee rear bearing carrier
  2. rkooienga

    Help motor troubles

    Okay I will I put the clip as high as it will go and it helped. But I need jetsfast anyone who has fast shipping on a 410 or 420 main jet?
  3. rkooienga

    Help motor troubles

    Reeds are solid. No air leaks I will be taking carb apart tonight. How do I test the wiring I have a nice mulit meter but I have never tested wiring before
  4. rkooienga

    Help motor troubles

    My 2001 Rm125 is having issues and I don't know what to do. It was slipping in and out of the powerband before I rebuilt it. So I rebuilt it with all New OEM stuff. Put a new govenor in it and still has the same issue but worse. Now right when it's suppose to get into the powerband it just kinda is stuck right before it. My clutch was creeping a little when in gear but not much. And after the rebuild my bike is running alot richer as far as how much smoke is coming out of the pipe. I really don't want to dump much more money into this thing. But I have a clutch kit coming. Could this all be a wiring issue or something?
  5. rkooienga

    Banshee smoking heavy white/light gray

    Start by draining your oil. Check your coolant. Is it milky or grey. Sounds like your head gasket because eyou have a lack of power and your coolant boiled and cylinders were wet.
  6. rkooienga

    Banshee not firing on one cylinder

    I had the same problem with mine it's not flooded and it's not a spark issue is it? Been a minute since I had a banshee because mine was stilen. But forgive me if I'm wrong but Switch plug wires to make sure both wires fire. Then you have one of you carb slides in correctly and one in backwards. I did the same thing with my banshee when I rebuilt it. If you have the slides in backwards it wont start at all and with one in backwards the exhaust with be slightly warm and slightly blue due to only one cylinder firing. Check that next and let us know what happens. Also 105 is low my banshee blew up at 102 psi for compression. I bought mine with about 105 took it for one ride and snap one of the Piston rings on one cylinder.
  7. rkooienga

    Help BLASTER jetting

    Okay sounds good I have a tester coming in the mail later this week. I know for sure the quad has been sitting for about four years do you think the seal by the stator is cracked from being dry and cold for a long time?
  8. rkooienga

    Help BLASTER jetting

    I know this is the banshee forum but I need help and you guys know alot. Setup Currently Main 280 Pilot 32.5 Air screw 1 turn out Pilot air screw stock Mods currently Fmf Turbine core silencer Fmf gold series fatty expansion chamber Uni foam Air filter. 65.94mm Piston bored and honed to match. I need to know what to adjust. It idles high and it doesn't rev down smoothly.
  9. rkooienga

    Forged Pistons

    I was running the old piston and if it was within spec for the wall to piston clearance then im going to run it agian. The piston is a forged 55.5mm piston and its at like 55.36-55.4 range. so I just want to know what a forged piston usually runs for cylinder wall to piston clearance
  10. rkooienga

    Forged Pistons

    I am throwing in some forged pistons into My 2001 Rm 125 and I wasnt sure what cylinder wall to piston clearance should be at max. What is the min-max clearance?
  11. rkooienga

    No fire on one cylinder high rpm

    I agree with Keno, sounds like a carb issue. Also do an actuall compression test with a quality gauge. Also it might be an air leak, but best guess is carb. I had the same issue but mine was the left cylinder and the carbs werent sank, now it runs great though.
  12. rkooienga

    Radiator Hoses???

    What good would deleting the expansion tank do?? I have it all back together and the whole project is about 90 percent done if anyone wants pictures
  13. rkooienga

    Got it running but clutch suddenly stop working

    That specific issue sounds like your clutch is adjusted incorrectly or you need a new cable.
  14. rkooienga

    Got it running but clutch suddenly stop working

    Doing a leak down test and then a compression test to make sure all is sound before diving into this issue, would be my suggestion and then If all is sound then look to the next issue and take it slowly changing only one variable at a time.
  15. rkooienga

    Got it running but clutch suddenly stop working

    Now someone Correct me if I am wrong but on my Blaster, the push rod has a specific direction it needs to be put in? One side has a small punch so the ball rest and can move smoothly when the push rod is moving. I have no idea if it was just a fluk with my blaster but I put the rod in backward and the clutch wouldn't move at all.