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  1. Im hoping to get holeshots. I hear great things abt them
  2. i guess the dude i was reaching out to doesnt have the works i wanted. What other options do i have that aren't above $2000? What's my best option for the track? I wanna get my rear shock rebuilt but if its cheaper to get all 3 shocks then by all means i will.
  3. flashlights are the solution.
  4. Stop making me want to get a FC you bastards.
  5. Stock bulbs suck big dickie wickies.
  6. i know a few dudes out here that'll hook me up with some Works. From what ive heard they're great shocks but im not sure whos gonna service them
  7. My wishlist so far: Fireball LT A-Arms Fireball steering stem Tag handlebars Fireball -1 swingarm Works dual rate shocks Alba rims ITP tires Needs to be done: Tether & bypass Fix my tire Remove the lights Revalve the rear shock Try and caveman the rear grab bar back to its stock position
  8. hybrids are badass but id rather set something up that'll give me a challenge
  9. You sir have officially broke the HQ. I think those works look best in takata green.
  10. Are those work emotions? fuuuckkking mint.
  11. That's a nice FC man. Wish i had that kinda money. Are you running a garrett or do i need to get my eyes checked?
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