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  1. They gave me CEL needles I think I’ll just run then middle clip for now. I put 45 pilots and 165 mains in sure there gonna be to Rich since when I jet it it’s going to be 3000 feet I stead of where I’m located at 300 ft
  2. Also forgot to ask what float height to run them at?
  3. I’m building a new motor: t5’s 4mm long rod crank 68mm bore hjr mx hardcore port w/ case match vforce 4 reeds cool head 24cc milled domes Since I’m trying to run pump gas and 36mm pwk air strikers 3000ft was wondering what Jets I need to run just to be in the ball park Im used to the mikuni jet sizes The only needles I have are what is stock in the carbs and also what bp racing supplied me with Im sure those needles are fine all the gave me was two differnt main Jets and no pilots (and they call that a jet kit) what Jets should I o
  4. Alright so my 97 shee just got dune ported by redline, I put it all back together did a leak down fixed a minor leak around the boot and when I did the compression test the cylinders only kicked out 120 and I believe it’s supposed to be somewhere around 150. I have 21cc domes toomey t5’s 300 ft Above sea level no air box redline racing dune port and fresh hone
  5. Just got the juggs in about three days ago, yesterday I put everything back together I had already sealed up the cases since the welded crank got here a while ago. Got it all leaked down (had some minor leaks from both intakes used yamabond and got them sealed up) now I need some help with the jetting 300 ft 75 degrees Toomey t5’s pods redline dune port 21cc domes +4 timing Stock carb, Jets I have in now are 320 main, 27.5 pilot, toomey needles at 2nd clip from pointed end. Feels boggy at the low end. Hits band super hard tho but takes
  6. I sent my cylinders to redline they got the package but I rember when I spoke on the phone with them they said that they’re really backed up right now since everyone is working on there stuff right now with the Rona going on with that being said not sure who’s doing the cylinders yet And my crank is being trued and welded by Kevin Herr since he’s closer to home. When cracking the cases I found that one of the plates In the clutch stack was showing a lot of wear so I ordered the driveline clutch kit my basket and inner hub had no signs of pitting everything else looked pretty good with my untra
  7. Your right I’m young and dumb but I gotta learn, we all start somewhere, that’s why I’m always thanking u guys this is my learning process
  8. Yeah but all that extra labor for shit I can do we’re in quarantine so I got more time then ever. I have a buddy who is a pretty awesome welder and isn’t welding a crank just a couple tig welds ? Ima see how simple it is and if not I’ll just ship it out I already got to removing the engine now it’s me and south Texas for the next hour or so haha
  9. Wish I would have known that before I guess ima tear down the bottom end and ship it out.
  10. With the extra little power, what can I expect to go out ? If there anything I should be concerned about ?
  11. Yeah I talked to a builder didn’t catch his name but when I send my cyclinders I’ll be sure to ask for him thanks for your help
  12. Kinda what I’m doing here I’ve been looking and that’s why I asked u don’t gotta be smart about it I’m respectful to anyone who helps me.
  13. Well usually when things cost less the quality isn’t the same but thanks
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