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  1. Can’t tell if this plug is lean or just right, any help or tips is appreciated, thank you. Also I will be doing a plug chop soon.
  2. Brand new rebuild and now only one pipe actually “pushes” smoke and the other has barely any pressure coming out of it that I can feel left pipe seems to smoke and has plenty pressure, right pipe has barely any pressure or smoke. Took comp test and both have 140 psi in each cylinder. Just finished rebuilding it and making it a 4 mil and ported and what not and now it seems to not run right because of this. need help asap, thanks.
  3. Worked good and holds 7 psi for 7 minutes, thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. that works, thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. At first when i pressure tested the engine it leaked at the bottom on the same piece, and i noticed that i was missing a gasket between there, so i put one in on each reed and then tested it, got rid of the leak on the bottom but now there is one on the top of each. How do I feel this and should I worry about it? Thanks.
  6. In the middle of putting together my banshee and found this, can’t remember what it is for and where it goes. Any help appreciated, t hanks.
  7. I recently have got pretty much my whole shee powder coated. Long story short now my plastics do not match with everything else I have done. Instead of purchasing new plastics I would like to paint mine. So my question here is what exactly do you need to do to make paint STICK to plastic and actually have it last? What paint do you use? What kind of prep work do you do? I have yellow and black plastics since it’s a 2003 and I would like to paint them a nice Matte/Flat black. Any help is appreciated since I really want it to look nice. Thank you.
  8. Any idea about how much it would be to get stock cyl ported for a 4mm build? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I have a set of stock cylinders that I would like to get ported and bored if needed for my 4 mil setup. What are some of the best places for quality and price with decent turn around times? Thanks for any suggestion, i’ll be sending them out today.
  10. Appreciate all the replies, I should be going to silver lake in a couple weeks, should be looking fresh by then. [emoji1786]
  11. Basically I painted my banshee a couple months ago and it turned out good but of course did not hold up. Paint was already wearing off and fading after 2 weeks. Being the dumbass I am and knowing nothing about paint I didn’t prime the yellow painted parts before I started, I just scrubbed the parts in a part cleaner and painted them. When I recently did my a arms I smartened up and primed them with a few coats, sanded them with different grits, and painted them, the a arms sure hold up wayyyy better. I actually first painted the a arms yellow but then realized how retarded that looked, so I st
  12. Basically one of my pipes where the silencer meets, the rubber piece that seals it ripped in half. I noticed a big loss of power in the top end. So I tried to rig it for the rest of the ride and it kinda worked for a little and I felt the power come back. Anyway, now I have new ones I just bought that look and feel way nicer and have better clamps. My question was, does a exhaust leak really cause this much loss in power??? Is this due to the acoustic waves in the pipe escaping and not bouncing back to give back pressure and push any escaped fuel back in??
  13. Alright, yea you got it. I went to the parts store and got all stronger bolts. Thanks.
  14. Recently did this to my bolt and was wondering what thread size and everything is the clutch spring bolt, thanks.
  15. Like I said earlier I can not afford that stuff currently but I am planning on getting my cylinders ported and maybe better pipes. When I had my 2013 700 I raced against it and was pretty much dead even when my banshee only had pipes, and it was a decent rider on the 700. I’ve raced more 700s now after the few things I have done I can beat them without to much of a struggle. I ride for fun and just wanted to be able to keep up with the new quads which I currently can, I am not trying to sink a ton of money into things I don’t really need with a quad I’m happy with. I just wanted your guys opin
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