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  1. Do you have any pictures of what your talking about?
  2. The only time that I used the Toomey perfect jet kit is when it came with a Toomey exhaust package. If you have a set of stock needles I’d put them in and start with the e clip in middle. What premix ratio are you using? I understand that this is a PITA. Being impatient is going to make the job go slower and cause other issues and If it starts to get you upset then just step back and take a break for a few minutes and regain your thoughts and try again. At one time everyone on this site went through what your doing now and it’s just a learning curve and once you get it down packed then it becomes easier down the road.
  3. Sounds like you got a great deal on some new 28’s. If you don’t mind me asking. Where you get them at ? I’m putting a banshee engine back together for someone and I’m doing a carb upgrade on it. PM me the info. Thanks.
  4. Your float height should be set at 20-22 mm and in inches 0.80-0.88
  5. The needle has 5 grooves on it. Stock location is the e clip on the middle groove. When you move the e clip up towards the rounded end it will get leaner and down towards the tapered end it will get richer. Make sure you also recheck your float height after messing with the carbs that can also effect your jetting. It can cause it to either get to much fuel (Rich Condition)or cause it to starve for fuel (Lean Condition).
  6. First off I would get rid of those pos Vito’s red needles and order the perfect jet kit straight from Toomey Racing. Toomey’s needles work a hell of a lot better then vito’s junk. Then I would start with the 27.5 pilot and either somewhere between a 290 thru 310 mains with air screw 2 turns out. Just remember to do either the pilot jet circuit or main jet circuit one at a time and have plenty of patients. Also make sure outside temps are stable because that plays a major role in getting it jetted properly.
  7. If I was 20 years younger and still doing Atv Mx I’d stanch this up in a heart beat.
  8. I would say go with a 28mm Keihin pwk carb setup. They have a excellent throttle response and would be better on fuel mileage over your larger carb setup. Unless your not worried about fuel mileage. Then you can speak to the company that you are buying the 410 kit from and see what they recommend for that setup.
  9. Just checking to see if you made any progress? If you didn’t go with any builder yet. I might have something that you might be interested in to get you up and going again. Send me a pm for more information.
  10. Check out the BansheeHQ sponsors section. There is a couple of engine builders in there.
  11. According to my boss he doesn’t even know. He said it’s what ever the company orders and I looked on the drums that it comes in and they are unmarked. All I know is that it’s a blueish green color.
  12. What you need to do is sit down and figure out what your budget is. Then you can build your banshee how ever the way you want. What’s most importantly is reliability. Just try and stay away from buying the jap crap parts.
  13. The cheapest oem crank that I found by just doing a quick search was $428 through RMATV. If you go that route then all you have to do is pay someone to true and weld it. I wasn’t going to buy a crank because the one that was in the bike was perfectly fine. So I decided to just rebuild it and have it trued and welded. What ever parts don’t get used during the rebuild I’ll just hold on to them for a future project. As for what it’s going to cost me for the labor. I bartered with the guy on the labor.
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