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  1. rodgco

    Share your after market sub frames.

    Old thread but would like to see as well. Mine has recently been tweaked and don’t want to buy hole new frame again
  2. rodgco

    Easy swap for couple runs

    The local track is all uphill and lots of turns. Wondering if my set up will work just changing shocks and tires and going for it and if it will be worth doing
  3. rodgco

    Easy swap for couple runs

    Well they are Elka stage 1/rec shock. But I was thinking with the long travel shock mount with stock length shock should lower the front. I guess trying it will give me a better answer but more so questioning about back with the longer swing arm being ok for pavement mountain race.
  4. rodgco

    Easy swap for couple runs

    Thinking about taking my set up and doing the easiest swap for 2 races a year for pavement mountain race. Current set up is 4mil heavy trail port with long travel front and +3 rear axle and +2 swing arm. How well will it do swapping in a r6 shock and keeping the +2 length arm. And for front i think the stock shocks with the long travel will lower it enough to match.
  5. rodgco

    Rocket Pipes and IMS Pegs

    I know this is a old post but I have a set of original rockets thinking about unloading
  6. rodgco

    Jetting for 4mil

    Sorry forgot to say what’s happening. It feels like it’s boggy or no power and as soon as I give it more throttle it snaps into power band and she takes off. Take off seems good but when I have to back down and get on it again it’s stuck in that mid range and won’t power up unless I really give it throttle.
  7. rodgco

    Jetting for 4mil

    Can’t seem to nail the mid range for jetting. Currently running 4mil with dune/trail port. 19cc domes and +4 timing with original rocket pipes running keihen 35’s. so far I have it set at 162 main and 68 pilot and clip in middle. I do run 50/50 pump/race I know race is harder to tell on plugs but besides that plugs have been showing a perfect colour. And elevation sea level.
  8. rodgco

    Roll design pegs

    Still for sale?