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  1. Yeah from what I know there's gonna be 1 maybe 2 bikes here that are setup and the rest are guys like me
  2. Talked to the guy organizing everything with the track and they said knobbies are fine
  3. I think the main thing I'm gonna focus on is trying to find some lower profile tires before tomorrow, I've never done this kind of stuff before and if I enjoy it I doubt I'll end up running the banshee all the time so I don't want to lower it, it's mainly my sand toy(I ride the Oregon coast alot, like 90% of my riding) but I have an old z400 that maybe I'll completely set up for flat track once I get it running again, mainly I was just wanting to know how big of a problem the tires would be and if I could at least go try it out, I'm gonna try to find some smaller tires and just go give it a sh
  4. Hey all, local dirt track here is having an atv flat track race for the first time in forever, the guy said it's all ages and skill levels just to see the interest in making this a regular thing out there, thinking about running my Shee out there but unsure, it's stock other than pro circuit pipes, and pod filters, I have the original dirt tires on it, but my backs are 22's with not much tread, race is tomorrow night, should I try and find some tires before then and if so what size and what tires do y'all like best that's not a straight flat track tire? Or should I just run it how it is and g
  5. Ever seen anyone cut out the back of the stock headlights and put those little square pods in there?
  6. Anybody ever stuff a set of the little led pods inside stock headlight buckets? Love the stock look but want more light, i have a set of those little pods sitting around so figured I’d try to use those plus prefer the stock lights over even like the round leds, just figured I’d ask if anyone else has done it, i know its kind of an odd thing
  7. Hey guys , just bought my first Shee, it cam on a set of 20x10r10 hauler paddles but they're pretty worn down and missing some chunks, I have a set of old Kenda dune runners that have alot more life left in them that id like to throw on there, I'll have to swap the rims, but my question here is gear wise because the tires I want to put on are a 22x11r10, my bike has a 13 tooth in the front and a 41 tooth rear, running pro circuit pipes and kn pod filters but otherwise stock, would these paddles work okay with this gearing?
  8. I've got access to a sandblaster big enough to do the whole frame in my fabrication class, and I can do all of the painting in our full-size paint booth in my auto body class, I was mainly just curious about how well the rattle can route will hold up until I have the funding available to powder it properly, my main concern was how the springs will do and if the paint will flex enough without chipping
  9. Powder coating is nowhere near the same price at rattle can, I cant afford to powder right now because I’m a high school senior trying to save the majority of my money to move out of the house and get through college without any student loans, hoping to get some scholarships from spending 4 years in auto and metal classes but still wanting to save majority to pay for school, that’s why right now I’m trying to do all of this low buck, i thought about selling or trading my stock uncut, but they’re kind of jacked , previous owner looks like rolled it a couple times based on all the white like str
  10. I also just don't have the funds right now to powder coat it all
  11. Wanting to play with some color, not chrome
  12. Hey all! Just stepped up from my kfx 400 and bought my first banshee! A banshee has always been my dream bike and it's killing me knowing it's out in the garage and I can't ride it because I only have paddles, anyways, it's a 2001, and all stock other than pro circuit pipes, on filters, and a bumpers/bars, paint is old, and missing areas, your usual old pain on a arms and springs, I'm wanting to tear it down a bit and paint the a arms, the springs, the hubs, and the swingarm, and come wintertime I'm gonna tear down all the way and powder coat the frame. I don't want to powder the arms or sprin
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