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    2004 Limited Edition. Noss Machine cool head, 21cc domes, dmc 916s, alba +2 a-arms, black maier plastic

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  1. I have some dmc 916s I'm looking to trade for so cpis, shearers, or slp's. They must fit with an airbox. They were just polished and repacked!
  2. Ryan777

    Trade cpi inframes for slp or dmc 916 inframes

    I have some 916s! Just polished and repacked them!
  3. Ryan777

    DMC 916's for sale or trade!

    I tried to upload pictures, but the file size was too large. I would trade for some cpi's, shearers, or slp's
  4. Trying to sell my dmc 916s to buy some slp's. Asking $450. They were just soda blasted, freshly polished, repacked with less than 20 minutes on them. No dents, very clean!